Signature Collection - Variety Pack - 60 Capsules

$ 29.94 $ 42.00


All our premium luxury coffee varieties in one pack. Enjoy 60 capsules of our premium grade coffees.

These six blends are the result of a careful selection of the best quality beans  from around the world. Blending them and patiently roasting them to achieve the best-tasting coffee.

Each Capsule contains 5 grams of premium coffee. Vacuum sealed under a Nitrogen-Controlled environment to guarantee freshness.



Brazilian Ristretto Fortissimo - INTENSITY 9

Costa Rica Espresso Forte - INTENSITY 8

Brazilian Lungo Forte - INTENSITY 8

Brazilian Espresso Intenso - INTENSITY 7

Colombia Espresso Leggero - INTENSITY 4

Colombia Decaf Leggero - INTENSITY 4