The Enzo Single Serve Espresso Machine

Our Excellent Single Serve Espresso Machine is built using the best components for excellent espresso performance and long durability. Unlike other 15 Bar machines, it uses a 19 Bar Core Pump to produce more pressure and coffee extraction power to increase the flavors and aromas in your coffee. The patented brewing system was designed to extract a higher rate of coffee flavors and for the extraction times to mimic those of professional hand-crafted espresso machines found in bars being operated by professional baristas. It is compatible with Nespresso Originaline Capsules, The Cafe Viante Capsule System and all other compatible capsule brand for total brewing flexibility and freedom.

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Uses capsules Compatible with Nespresso

The Enzo is able to use all Nespresso Compatible Capsules including Cafe Viante Coffee Capsules.

The brewing system was designed in Italy to increase coffee extraction from all compatible capsules to maximize the amount of flavors in your cup and that amazing aroma of espresso coffee. The compatible system makes it a flexible brewer that allows you to enjoy your favorite coffees from various brands. Including Nespresso’s Originaline Capsules. The Enzo is not
compatible with the Vertuoline System.

Quiet and Powerful Italian Pump

The main complaint with most single serve espresso machines is their noise level while brewing. Which tends to be higher as years go by and the machine accumulates use.

This is due to the type and quality of water pump used. The pump pressure is also key to achieve the best espresso results. Unlike most system which use a 15 Bar Water Pump, The Enzo uses a 19 Bar Italian water pump for extra water pressure. This translates in more pressure in the grinds which also translates in a higher extraction rate. In plain english: More flavors, more aroma and better espresso crema in your cup. We get very technical so you can enjoy better coffee!

Proprietary Brewing System With Enhanced Coffee Extraction

The Enzo’s Brewing System was designed with the best espresso coffee extraction in mind.

Our system is slower than most original and compatible Nespresso Machines. This prolongs the coffee extraction and guarantees that more flavors and aromas are present in your beverage. Different brands of coffee capsules grind the coffee at different settings and pack different amount of coffee in the pods. By doing ample research on the industry’s average capsule settings, we were able to design a brewing system and water pump pressure that mimics the parameters achieved by professional baristas in terms of extraction times and extraction rates. All you need to know is that The Enzo Espresso Machine is a top performer in its category and gives you professional espresso results capsule after capsule.

Height Adjustable & Removable Drip Tray

Whether you are brewing single espresso shots in small espresso cups or double shots in tall Cappuccino Glasses, The Enzo Espresso Machine can accommodate all.

With ample room to spare, the outlet sprout in The Enzo is located high enough to allow you to brew into various types of coffee cups and glasses. The drip tray has two different heights for small and medium size cups. And it’s removable to facilitate brewing into large mugs, iced coffee glasses or taller Cappuccino Glasses and Cups. No matter which your favorite beverage is and where you brew it into, The Enzo can do it!


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