Automatic Milk Frother

Make The Perfect Type Of Foam For Each Type Of Your Favorite Beverages

Different Milk Frothing Styles For Different Espresso Beverages

Compact mini brewer, because size matters. Our Coffee Machine’s compact size is not a coincidence. We wanted to create a coffee machine that is easy to put away and that adapts to a more modern and rational way of life.
Brewing a huge amount of coffee that you end up throwing away is not the way to go.

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Detachable Milk Jug

For easy pouring and cleaning

Removable Stainless Steel Milk Jug

Forget about milk frothers that don’t have detachable milk containers.

Pouring milk by lifting the whole unit proves very difficult as you can’t control the pour and things like making latte art become almost impossible. They are also hard to clean because you can’t put the whole unit in the dishwasher or even wash it under running water as you will ruin the electronics. Our milk frother has a stainless steel removable milk Jug with a non-stick surface.

Convection Heating Technology

No heating element in the milk container

The heating element is not embedded in the milk container. It’s in the body of the milk frother. It’s transferred to the milk jug via convection technology. Not having any electronic components in the milk jug makes it dish washer safe as well and light and nimble for accurate pouring.

Magnetic Drive With No Piercing Shaft

No shaft or moving parts percing the milk container

The Magnetic Drive System operates the whisk without the need of a shaft piercing the product from the motor to the milk jug. This makes the milk jug easy to pour, easy to clean as well as dish washer safe.

Four Frothing Programs

No shaft or moving parts percing the milk container

The Cappuccino Setting delivers a rich and thick crema which is ideal to top off and finish your espresso beverages. The Iced Cappuccino Setting is great for those cold coffee drinks for the summer.The Café Latte Setting delivers a silky milk texture that is perfect for flavored Lattes and Macchiato. Add dark chocolate and it will melt it for hot Coco and ochaccinos. to warm up milk for children and even babies.

The Three Steps Of Milk Frothing

Stretching: stretching the milk adds small air bubbles to the milk creating the desired amount of micro-foam, which should be silky smooth with no visible bubbles. This is achieved by the special design of our whisk.

Texturing: this is achieved by creating a whirlpool motion. This thickens the milk up, giving it a smooth creamy texture.

Heating: our convection technology heats up the milk to its optimal temperature quickly and safely.

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