Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

Intelligent design features take the guesswork and the hassle out of grinding coffee beans for any preparation. A powerful motor delivers a consistent, even grind every time. The proprietary low friction blade solves one of the most common issues with blade grinders: Changes in aroma and taste do to the heating and over-roasting of the grinds. Our blade guarantees very fast grinding with no changes to roast type, aroma and taste. The Number of Cups selector and coarseness selector make it easy to grind coffee beans to the desired preparation type and quantity. The removable grinding cup makes it easy to pour the ground coffee out and very easy to clean. And the complete cable storage solution makes dangling cables a thing of the past.

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Proprietary Low-Friction Blade Design

Solves the most common issue with powerful blade grinders:

Heating up the grinds due to the friction and speed of the blade. Our Proprietary Low-Friction blade provides Fast Grinding Without Increasing the coffee beans’ temperature. Avoiding changes in the coffee’s taste and aroma. This was achieved by designing a very thin blade. With a very low friction profile. By using a very hard metal allow in the blade, we were able to reduce it’s thickness. Reducing friction without loosing grinding performance or speed.

Select The Type Of Coffee Preparation
You Are Grinding For

The coarseness selector makes it easy to grind coffee beans to the desired preparation type.

From coarse ground coffee used in French Press, Drip Coffee Makers and Pour Over preparations, to fine coffee grinds for Espresso and Turkish Coffee. This grinder has the most common coffee preparations covered. These types of preparations are printed on the side of the grinder for your reference. Precision grinding without the guesswork.

Number of cups selector

Select The Number Of Cups You Are Grinding For

Select from 2, 4, 8 or 12 cups. The inside of the grinding cup has markings for various amounts of cups. Fill it with coffee beans to the level of the number of cups you are trying to brew. Then move the Cups selector to that same number of cups. Pronto! The Vianté Automatic Coffee Grinder will recognize the type of coffee preparation and the number of cups you want to brew for. Then adjust the grinding time and settings accordingly and automatically. For precision grinding of beans for your desired amount of cups and preparation type.

Removable Grinding Cup

Don’t buy fixed-cup grinders. They make pouring the ground coffee into your coffee machine or other coffee making devices very hard.

They are even harder to clean. Carrying stale coffee grinds and oil residues from the beans from one grind to another. Our Automatic Grinder features a Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel Removable Grinder Bowl. Easy to pour and Easy to Clean. When you are done using the grinder, you can put the removable grinding cup in the dishwasher for perfect cleaning!

Complete Reel-In Cord Storage System

The complete solution for cable storage.

Simply reel the cable in when you are done using the grinder. Use the reel-in system by turning the handle on the base clockwise. When you are using the product, simply pull out as much cord as you need.

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