Amerikana Single Serve Coffee Maker For Keurig Pods

Intelligent design features take the guesswork and the hassle out of grinding coffee beans for any preparation. A powerful motor delivers a consistent, even grind every time. The proprietary low friction blade solves one of the most common issues with blade grinders: Changes in aroma and taste do to the heating and over-roasting of the grinds. Our blade guarantees very fast grinding with no changes to roast type, aroma and taste. The Number of Cups selector and coarseness selector make it easy to grind coffee beans to the desired preparation type and quantity. The removable grinding cup makes it easy to pour the ground coffee out and very easy to clean. And the complete cable storage solution makes dangling cables a thing of the past.

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Single Serve Coffee Makers are the most convenient way to brew a cup of coffee. However, most of them share a common problem: A big down time between cups. This is because the amount of water used to brew a cup of coffee has to be pumped from the water reservoir to a boiling chamber, heated to the
optimum temperature and then dispensed through the coffee pod and into your cup. The Amerikana Coffee Maker has a patented instant flow water heating pump. It pumps water from the main water reservoir directly to your cup. And heats it to the optimum temperature instantly. This allows you to brew cup after cup without having to wait.

3 Programmable Cup Sizes.

The Amerikana has 3 programmable Cup Sizes for you to set up and store your favorite brew sizes according to your taste and favorite cups, mugs or travel mugs.

Simple press and hold the desired button while brewing. When you release it, brewing will stop and the resulting beverage size will be stored in the machine’s memory.

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