Many commercial coffee companies use flash roasting to roast their coffee beans. Flash roasting is the most economical way to roast. It's quick and time-saving but presents several disadvantages. At Café Vianté we roast our coffee in a traditional and artisan way. Which takes a much longer time and requires the experience of our master roasters.



The coffee is roasted at a very high temperature when it is bombarded by waves. This process takes about 3 minutes and saves the roaster a lot of time.  The coffee beans are quite simply burned on the outside and raw inside. They are also cooled in water. This is by far the most economic method – the biggest coffee-roasters of the world use it – but it is also the worst.
This is a process that’s easy to standardize and does not require an operator to monitor the roasting process. Roasting different batches results in consistent results time after time. 



Traditional roasting is done using gas burners, which heat the oven to a temperature of 220°C. The green coffee beans are fed into the oven through a funnel. This is a lengthy and artisan process that can take more than one hour.
Roasting is controlled automatically for the first 17 minutes, then an operator takes over and relies on the appearance, smell and sound of the coffee as it cracks. To do this, he uses a probe to withdraw a few grains. When the coffee is ready, it is dropped into a cooling tray. Roasting is slightly different batch after batch due to room temperature, pressure and the eyes and nose of the roasting expert in charge.This is the way we roast our coffee at Café Vianté.