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Kenyan Espresso

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Kenya is widely considered to grow the finest Arabica Coffee in the world where it is cultivated on small Farms, in the area which extends from the South of Mount Kenya to Nairobi. Kenya has a government-run system that offers rewards to farmers for producing higher quality coffee. This intense, full roast, enhances the bold, robust flavor with a blackcurrant and wine aftertaste, confirming the Kenyan bean as an East African favorite. Best enjoyed as an espresso.


African Collection Variety Pack

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The African Collection is the perfect way to satisfy the tastes of all coffee lovers. Responsibly sourced from around the world, our beans are carefully roasted, ground and then tampered with precision to guarantee the best results. Each variety pack contains one of each Cafe Viante African Selection Blends: Roobois Tea Espresso, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and African Blend.