Ground & Whole Beans

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Ground Coffee for American Drip Coffee Makers

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A blend of hi-quality Arabica and Robusta beans ground for drip coffee machines and pour over filter preparations. An excellent coffee, characterized by its sweetness, with fruity and cocoa flavor notes. Using a larger quantity, bitterness in enhanced but always pleasant. Very balanced and with round body. It’s characterized by a long-lasting cocoa aftertaste.

Whole Bean Coffee for all types of preparations

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A Luxurious Blend of precious Arabica and high-Quality Indian Robusta coffee beans that delivers a round coffee with rich and consistent body and harmonious and balanced flavor. This coffee has a rich and smooth texture with chocolate and spicy notes and a light taste of tobacco. It delivers a sweet and persistent aftertaste.

Espresso Ground for Espresso Coffee Makers

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Café Vianté Espresso Ground coffee is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who love crafting their own espresso beverages. An artisan blend of the best quality Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. Blended with the best quality of Robusta beans from India. To deliver a true Italian coffee experience that 100% Arabica Coffees simply can’t achieve.