Café Vianté is not associated with Nespresso. Nespresso is

the trademark Societé des Produits Nestlé S.A.

Signature Collection

Explore a daring and intense multi-blend collection. Our South American blends showcase distinct personality with hints of Indian Robusta.

Our high-quality beans take on the lively characteristics that harness the Latin love of life and family. Explore bold textures, flavors and richness that exemplify the inspiring diversity of the Latin culture.


African Selection

The coffee bean was first chewed as a fruit by east Africans until the Yemenites began roasting the seed in the 15th Century and used it to make a rich, uplifting drink which quickly spread across North Africa and beyond.

African Coffee is characterized by the rich and intense flavor of the Arabica plant and is naturally dried from the heat of the African Sun.These coffees are smooth and creamy, with predominantly earthy and nutty characteristics.


Espresso Bar Collection

Enjoy a luxurious espresso drink with our Espresso Bar Collection.

Ready in just moments, our espresso capsules provide a rich, soft experience without the hassle of traditional espresso machines. Explore our flavored lattes, cappuccinos, machiattos and mochaccinos


Flavored Collection

Put a little rich sophistication in your day with our Flavored Collection.

Featuring inspiring flavors, you will enjoy pausing for the aromas, tastes and sweetness of these artisanal drinks. Explore Tahitian Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Hazelnut.


Milk Capsules

Milk and coffee together craft the magic in most coffee experiences.

From lattes to cappuccinos, milk adds creaminess and body while enhancing flavor. The complementary nature of this iconic duo is maximized by our milk capsules.